my ride

my ride


brews and scratchin

I am from Arkansas, so that means I am sort of country, yet having traveled a bit and met people from all-over, I am not a typical southerner. I do have a tremendous work-ethic and determination, often noticed in folks from rural backgrounds.

I am a talented writer, have won some contests, and written for a newspaper.

I enjoy riding my bicycle around San Diego, although this is more of a “hilly” town than one notices until they are on a bike, I do my best to ride a lot.

I enjoy DJ-ing, and modifying/making custom controllers.

I enjoy meeting people from around the world with new points of view and varied experiences.

In an attempt to remain able to pursue creative endeavors, writing, film-making, music; I have had a varied occupational history; from software tester to heavy equipment operator, and I have enjoyed all of my different jobs.

One of my great passions is film. I go to see foreign/indie pictures as often as possible.

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